Lucia Tickets

Tickets for Lucia

Tickets for both the 1pm and 3pm Lucia Programs are available for purchase at

the door of Old Swedes prior to the program's start.

Adults @ $10.00 each

Children @ $5.00 (under 15)

Holy Trinity Old Swedes Church

7th and Church Streets

Wilmington, DE

Parking on street, at site and down Church Street at Greenberg Supply

Lucia Celebration at Old Swedes

Lucia, her attendants, star boys and tomte celebrate at Old Swedes, Wilmington, DE


The celebration of Sankta Lucia is a Swedish Christmas tradition that marks the beginning of the Christmas season. You will enjoy this celebration of “light” with young ladies or “Lucia” and “Attendants” in white gowns, candles aglow and young boys or “Star Boys” in their white gowns and cone star laden hats, each carrying their own silver star raised high. Keep a sharp eye out for our little elves or “Tomten”. The program is narrated in English and sung in Swedish. The candles and church lend an ambiance you will cherish into your own holiday celebration.



Old Swedes


The Delaware Swedish Colonial Society and Old Swedes Historic Site co-sponsor the annual December celebration of Sankta Lucia in the historic Old Swedes Church (1698-99). 

Old Swedes Historic Site Location

Hendrickson House Museum, 606 N Church St, Wilmington, Delaware 19801

Please call Ingrid McAllister for assistance regarding ticket sales at
302-378-2661. Tickets will not be available after 9:00 am on
Sunday, December 9, 2018